What turns me off the most about reading blogs?

No, not content. Length! I’m busy, and so are you.

So, I promise to keep my meandering musings as brief as possible. I muse on darn near everything, but don’t be afraid. I’ll try to make clicking on the link worth your time. And keep it short.

Because my books are long enough.

And speaking of short…

Do you like the groovy photo of Bowie’s Chuck from the last time I saw him in Austin? The Reality Tour. It was taken by their photographer, Erik. I don’t remember his last name…


Tues APR 27 2004. What a wondrous night. The love flowed, reciprocated and amplified. Indelible moments, forever a part of me.

Why is this relevant? Because no matter how long it lasts, life is short, and that’s reality, baby. Revel in your reality, whatever you perceive it to be.







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