That silly friend

… is far from silly. Major Props to Nancy Gee for getting me started with this blog. Quite odd cat picture if you click here!

Cats without visible ears always make me smile.
Cats without visible ears always make me smile.

6 thoughts on “That silly friend”

  1. On my third read-through of Another Rock Star and I’m finally getting it. I started reading it after becoming heavily involved in Cecelia Tan’s on-line Daron’s Guitar Chronicles. I made the mistake of trying to compare them; I should not have. Yours is superficially similar, but tells a completely different story. If you need a diagnosis of Shane’s problem, iit’s likely Intermittent Explosive Disorder. It is similar to bipolar disorder, but causes and treatments are very different. Shane’s behavior matches that of many who developed IED as young children, and as adults the violent outbursts became fewer but were substituted for with mania and drug use. And, those who were sexually abused as children are seven times as likely to develop IED as the general population. Brain cchemistry appears to dominate the causes of bipolar disorder; it plays a significantly lesser role in IED.

    Mood stabilizers work wonders for bipolar disorder, but have far less effect on IED. Talk therapy is typically the most effective treatment for IED, but it does little to nothing for bipolar disorder. Shane showed improvement with talk therapy, meaning bipolar disorder isn’t likely an accurate diagnosis. He will probably need some form of anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications on an on-going basis, although not necessarily continual. Revisits to talk therapy should be undertaken.

    Whatever shows up with my profile, ignore. My author website is, my email is I look forward to the second volume.


    1. Thank you so MUCH for this insightful comment. And thanks for taking the time to contact me, AND reading the book three times. I am in a rush right now, but I will respond in more depth in a bit. 🙂


      1. Sorry it took so long to respond. Between all the running around I’m doing and finishing the final edit of Book II, I can barely keep up with myself. I’m so glad you gave my novel such careful attention. It’s been a long time since I read it. I don’t remember if I had mentioned anything about the diagnosis for Shane. In one of my more perverse moments, I decided not to reread it until I was through with the second one. I swear, I probably read the first one 20 times during the editing process. I know that three times through is a commitment and a tremendous compliment from a reader. So thank you for that, and also for reaching out to me.
        It does sound like Shane’s condition is more consistent with IED. I appreciate the info and will look into that.
        Everything about the characters came to me organically. I didn’t think or research much, I just let them do what they wanted and tried to translate it. Not to give anything away, but Shane does continue with his therapy in the second book.
        Of course, I checked out your work, and I’m impressed that you have produced so many novels. From the samples I’ve read, you’re also quite witty and I always appreciate that. The bad news is I can’t read other books when I’m writing or editing. Do you have that tendency? Especially when I’m editing, I can’t stop editing what I’m reading, no matter what it is! Your writing caught my attention, though, and I will check your books out further once I’m done.
        Please forgive this rather choppy and awkward response. I’m dictating, and that tends to make everything sound stilted or downright goofy. I’m suffering from severe tennis elbow and flexor tendonitis in my left hand. Both conditions have plagued me before. All those years of playing guitar, carrying instruments and various amplifiers and such to gigs have finally taken their toll. I’m certainly not out there whacking tennis balls! I don’t know of anybody who gets tennis elbow from typing. It’s incredibly frustrating and also embarrassing.
        I’ve been listening to the book out loud, then making corrections on a PDF file on my Kindle. Then, transferring the changes one-handed to the original word doc. No wonder I’m exhausted and cranky.
        I hope it clears up quicker after the steroid injections because I’m ready to be done and let the new baby run. I look forward to hearing what you think about it.
        I debated whether or not to send this, it’s so crappy, but there you go. I didn’t want to leave you hanging. Are you still writing that book about a band in the 70s? So much fertile ground during that era!

        Hopefully I’ll be able to type and “sound” like a human being instead of a machine soon.

        Much luck in all your work, and thank you so much for taking the time to read mine and contact me.


  2. Thanks for the long response. Sure, tennis elbow from almost anything. Cortisone is indicated. You might also explore physical therapy or acunpuncture. Nobody knows how acupuncture works, but we still aren’t sure how most Western medicines work, either. Oh, I practiced psychiatry for a while, waiting to pass my surgery rotation. It was hopless, I am ungodly clumsy.

    Did You Ever See Allegro? is still in development, but it took a back seat to other projects. A character popped into my head and told me a story. 185K words and 31 days later I stopped. The Men of Carolina is in beta read right now, A gay man’s 14 year search for love. And, only the narrator winds up in a loony bin during the story. The same character is telling me a friend’s story, The Women of New England, a mystery. I’ve got volume one of a bromance trilogy in beta as well. A gay man and a straight man, and it is NOT straight to gay. The other two volumes are in draft, ready for beta reading. Each volume has an accompanying free novella written by the straight narrator’s puppy, Emgee. Still need to write “Emgee Saves the World.”

    “Life Continues,” sequel to “Life Struggles,” is in editing. Still have another two books in development, a comedy and a mystery, before I get back to the band.

    Replying is not important. Thanks, Bill


    1. It’s great when a character (or two) pops up suggesting stories. Or demanding, and the words spill out. I love it.
      I’ve had to take a bit of break from editing and typing, trying to let the elbow and hand cool off. Not easy. I want to read “Did You Ever See Allegro”, but I didn’t see it on Amazon. Is it only on your website, or not yet available? The puppy idea just sounds fun. The others look good, as well. Do you have a favorite?
      I admire that you can work on more than one project at a time. I can’t juggle so much at once. As you can see, I don’t even actively tend to this blog, and is still on hold. I’ve got somebody working on it, so I’m hoping it’ll be running before the book is ready. Of course, like you said in one of your posts, when I set deadlines, I tend to pressure myself and nothing good comes of that. This sequel should have been out in May. Certainly by August. Well…I’m the only one with the should stick. I suppose that is one of the perks of self-publishing.
      Oh, and btw, what about Another Rock Star prompted you to reread it, if I may ask?
      Kudos to you for getting so much done and out there.


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