About Paula Coots

It all started when I was eleven and saw David Bowie on THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. From that moment on, I knew (with the confidence of a child) that I was born to make music. I learned how to play lead guitar and eventually I got to make that beautiful sound all around Texas. I’ve played with bands that took me to Chicago, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Croatia and South Korea.

And all along the way, I never stopped writing. When I was twelve, I had bravely started my first book, called, shockingly enough, The Rock Star. Well. I had some learning and growing up to do. And finally, through a series of coincidences, I found my way back to the central themes of that long ago “novel” about three years ago.

My book “ANOTHER ROCK STAR” draws from those early musical obsessions and filters this story through my own dreams, fantasies and experiences. Through fiction, I’m able to delve deeper into even broader issues and turn it all the way up to eleven.